• e-Broh Passione

    e-Broh Passione

    Ref. BESAE6

    1.569,00 €

    48H En stock

    Colores: Grey/red

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Vintage Electric CAFE

    Vintage Electric CAFE


    4.850,00 €

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    The Vintage Electric Cafe is the commuter electric bike rebooted. This wolf in sheep’s clothing is our equivalent of a 500HP V8…hidden under the hood of the family sedan. With 3X the power of its competitors the Cafe walks quietly, but carries a big stick. Wedged within the mild-mannered-styling of the commuter, is a ferocious power plant, producing a surreal level of speed and acceleration. All the benefits of bicycle commuting have been amplified by the electric drivetrain and vintage-inspired aesthetics, putting the Cafe in a lane of its own.

    Colores: Skyline Bronze, Golden Gate Red

    Tallas: S - M

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  • Vintage Electric SCRAMBLER S

    Vintage Electric SCRAMBLER S


    7.450,00 €

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    Colores: Satin Black

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Vintage Electric RALLY

    Vintage Electric RALLY


    5.750,00 €

    72H En stock

    The versatile, tough and ruggedly handsome Vintage Electric Rally emboldens you to take a run-of-the-mill workday and extend your carbon-averse commute into something remarkable: a prime purveyor of extra credit with a liberating after-work ride (think smooth, controlled, exhilarating transition from asphalt to gravel handled with guts and grace). This bike—expertly designed and painstakingly crafted, with rugged front suspension, Schwalbe knobby tires, a powerful 750-watt drivetrain and aesthetics that kill (check its fine lines)—stands apart. Take it to work, take it to the pub, take it to the hills—it will not disappoint.

    Colores: BLACK

    Tallas: M

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  • Vintage Electric TRACKER

    Vintage Electric TRACKER


    6.150,00 €

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    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Moto Parilla Carbon Club

    Moto Parilla Carbon Club


    4.599,00 € 4.549,00 €

    En stock

    The Carbon e-bike is perhaps the most advanced concept of e-bike available today. It could be defined as a hybrid bicycle/motorcycle: a lightweight device which releases large amounts of power. Still a true bicycle that you can enjoy in every sense of the word, it offers you much more in terms of usability, performance and freedom: the SUV e-bike. The Carbon SUV e-bike is a combination of stability, lightness and strength in a very different taste for bike riding.

    Colores: Carbon Black/Red

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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    3.000,00 €

    Entrega inmediata En stock

    Terrot 60s moped bike completely restored and converted into an electric bicycle

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Bullit Electric

    Bullit Electric

    Ref. BE 2.5

    2.950,00 €

    3 Semanas En stock

    From Bullit Cycle we have recognized the importance of the challenges that arise in the field of mobility, and for this reason we have developed a comfortable, functional and robust bicycle that speeds up the movement thanks to its electric assistance: Bullit Electric.

    Colores: Customized Design

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Flebi Supra v3.0+

    Flebi Supra v3.0+

    Ref. Flebi Supra v3.0+

    1.599,00 €

    5/7 DÍAS En stock

    Colores: Grey Raptor, Negro lima

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Flebi Supra v3.0

    Flebi Supra v3.0

    Ref. Flebi Supra v3.0

    1.299,00 €

    5/7 DÍAS En stock

    Colores: Rojo Burdeos, Negro lima

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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  • Flebi Supra v3.0 LITE

    Flebi Supra v3.0 LITE

    Ref. Flebi Supra 3.0

    1.149,00 €

    5/7 DÍAS En stock

    Colores: Negro lima, Blanco

    Tallas: ÚNICA

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